How to Transport a Graphics Card Safely

How to Transport a Graphics Card Safely

How to Transport a Graphics Card Safely

Graphics cards can be very expensive items. The last thing you want to do is to damage them during transport. Graphics cards can be affected by bumps and movement in addition to static electricity. The ways we describe below will show you the safest ways of how to transport a graphics card to ensure you can keep your graphics card working perfectly.

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Quick Compare Methods Table

Method Cost Effectiveness Ease of use
Box it came in Nothing 4* 5*
Anti static bag and box Cheap 4* 5*
Just Box Cheap 3* 5*
Carrying Case Expensive 5* 4*
Plastic Box with paper and cardboard Cheap 2.5* 3*

Using the Box it came in

MSI Gaming Z RTX 2060

The manufacturers almost always package their graphics card in a custom sized box perfect for your graphics card. They also usually include an anti static bag – sometimes bubbled. There is nothing wrong with re-using these boxes for your graphics card and they are almost always the ideal solution as your graphics card came shipped to you in this in the first place.

Obviously, you won’t be able to use this method if you have thrown away the box or had bought your graphics card second hand without the box. In that case check out the other methods below

Positives Negatives
Costs nothing if you kept the box Some people throw out the box
Very Ideal solution as your graphics card came shipping in it in the first place Box can have wear from being used a lot
A great overall solution

Anti Static Bag and Box

Antistatic Bags How to Transport a graphics card safely

Anti static bags are the best way of keeping static electricity away from your expensive components. There are many types of anti static bags that you can get. For instance there are the bubble anti static bags (as above) which are great as they also protect your graphics card from bumps in addition to static electricity.

You’re probably also going to want to use a box to ensure the safety of your graphics card from bumps and movement.

Positives Negatives
Relatively Cheap Still costs something
Very Ideal solution You have to go out of your way to get the items
Boxes can be found lying around

Just The Box

boxes How To Safely Store a Graphics Card

Although this method isn’t as good as using anti static bags with it, theres nothing wrong with using just a box. It is unlikely to create static from the cardboard and it protects your graphics card very well. If your box is too big though, you will want to use some kind of paper padding to stop it moving around. Avoid using plastic padding that isn’t anti static.

Positives Negatives
Cheap Doesn't protect from static as well as the other options
Boxes can be found around your house Need to find a box of a similar size to you graphics card
Protects from drops and movement

A heavy duty case - How to Transport a Graphics Card Safely

If you’re serious about transporting your graphics card or multiple graphics cards safely, then you can consider getting a heavy duty carrying case. These are waterproof and shockproof and provide ideal protection for graphics cards and other computer components.

You’re going to want to still use an anti static bag with your components as the material inside this may not be anti static even though it is soft. 

Positives Negatives
Re-usable Expensive
Provides great protection Should still use an anti static bag
Waterproof and Shockproof
Easy to carry around with handle and clips

Using a Plastic Box

plastic Bins

Plastic boxes will work okay as long as you use some kind of paper to line the box. You want to do this to prevent any static from the plastic of the box. Use paper and cardboard padding in order to keep the graphics card securely in place.

Positives Negatives
Can be found around the house Doesn't provide the best anti static protection
Cheap solution Needs some kind of paper or cardboard to line the box

Don't use towels, plastic bags, zip lock bags, normal bubble wrap or other plastics


All these methods above can cause static electricity which could damage your components. Whilst it may protect from movement and drops, you won’t want to take the risk of damage from static.


We have seen various ways you can transfer your graphics card. Some or more ideal than others but we recommend you decide which is best. If you want a cheap solution then use a box and anti static bag. If you’re looking for a re-usable and rigid solution then buy a carrying case with an anti static bag. Check more articles on our site.

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