The texture fillrate calculator works out the texture fillrate based on the clock speed and texture mapping units.

Texture fillrate is calculated by the equation Texture fillrate = TMUs (texture mapping units) * Clock Speed (base or boost)

This gives the fillrate in MTexels/s so you can divide by 1000 to get it in GTexels/s

Usually the boost clock is used for texture fillrate calculations in GPUs.

View the Pixel Fillrate calculator here. 

Example Calculation

The Nvidia GeForce RTX 4080 has a boost clock speed of 2505 MHz and 304 texture units. Therefore, the texture fillrate is given by 2505 * 304 = 761,520 MegaTexel/s

To get this in GigaTexel/s divide by 1000 to give 761.52 GigaTexel/s

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