GFLOPS to TFLOPS is calculated by the equation TFLOPS = GFLOPS / 1000

This means that there are 1000 GFLOPS in 1 TFLOP and 1 GFLOP is equivalent to 0.001 TFLOPs

A performance of one GFLOP means that the device can perform 1 billion floating point operations per second. Therefore 1 TFLOP is equivalent to 1 trillion floating point operations per second.

FLOPS are the number of floating point operations a computer can do per second. It is therefore a way of measuring a computer’s performance using mathematical calculations which involve decimal point numbers such as 4.132 add, multiply, subtract or divide by 3.452.

It is therefore used as a performance indicator as the more floating point operations a device can do means the more powerful it will be. It does not take into account other factors however. A graphics card may have 48.8 TFLOPs single precision but that just takes into account the raw power of the graphics card and not any other components in your PC such as memory, CPU and any connection speeds or parallelism that can be utilized.

If you want to see TFLOPS to GFLOPS click here.

Example Calculation

The Nvidia RTX 4080 has 48,737.28 GFLOPS of single precision FP32 performance. This is equal to 48,737.28 / 1000 = 48.73728 TFLOPS of single precision FP32 performance.

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