29 07, 2020

Graphics Card Ports Explained

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Graphics Card Ports Explained - HDMI, DVI, VGA, USB-C VirtualLink Modern computers consist of graphics cards with a number of ports that connect to other devices such as monitors and TVs to display different video and audio streams. With the numerous [...]

27 07, 2020

What to do with your old Graphics Card

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What to do with your old Graphics Card So, you've upgraded your graphics card and you now have a less powerful but still usable graphics card which you no longer have use for. You may be wondering what you can do [...]

25 07, 2020

Graphics Card Power Connectors Explained

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Graphics Card Power Connectors Explained Graphics cards vary a lot in terms of power requirements. Some graphics cards require no power connectors and use the power gained from the PCI-E x16 slot. This is in contrast to the graphics cards that [...]

22 07, 2020

External GPU Enclosures Explained

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External GPU Enclosures Explained Table of Contents External GPU enclosures are a great way for people using laptops or under powered PCs to get in on some of the GPU action. An external GPU enclosure simply houses a full desktop graphics [...]

18 07, 2020

Graphics Card Widths Explained

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Graphics Card Widths Explained I'm going after a venture and need to find the thing of the width of an average double slot graphics card (unfortunately, I don't have one right here with me). I expect a regular backplate is of height [...]