27 03, 2020

Best Graphics Cards for Valve Index

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Introduction to VR Gaming has taken a great leap in the past decade and is now a mainstream industry. It is earning more than the movie industry and music industry combined! Because of this fact, the technology around gaming [...]

13 12, 2019

How to Setup Oculus Quest Hand Tracking

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Oculus Hand Tracking Oculus has introduced its new Hand tracking feature to all Oculus Quest Users. The Hand Tracking makes use of the sensors located around the VR Headset in order to estimate positions and sizes of your hands. [...]

10 02, 2019

Which VR Headset Should You Get?

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Which VR Headset Should You Get? In 2019, there are a vast amount of headsets now available on the market. However not all these VR headsets are made equally. Some require powerful gaming computers to run and some require [...]