How to Fix Graphics Card Sag

Graphics cards have been evolving really fast in the past few years and new models and technologies are found and released rapidly than ever. This competition keeps getting hotter, gifting the gamers more powerful cards and models to choose from. Though are getting buffed, the prices and the weights also increase proportionally. When the GPUs get all latest features and good fans, their weights tend to increase correspondingly. This opens a door to a very common problem with graphic cards, sagging. We will list some ways to Fix Graphics Card Sag.

“Sagging”, the word itself explains what the problem is. Sagging occurs when the graphic card is too heavy for the bracket or the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) causing the CPU to bend a little. No need to get all worried up if yours also sagging, because in this article possible solutions will be discussed in detail. But still, is it as bad as it sounds?

GPU Sagging: how bad is it?

PCBs are designed and tested to endure extreme conditions so will a slight bend actually cause problems? The answer is actually no. A slight bend won’t affect the GPUs performance or lifespan. But you’ll have to start worrying when the sagging is really heavy and this is not good for the GPU. Since today’s GPUs keep getting bigger and heavier sagging is a pretty common harmless disorder. If your GPU also has a slight bending you need not worry immediately.

PCBs are basically tested and made for intense vibrations, and flexing so there’s not an alerting fault in your GPU, short-term or long-term. Your GPU card won’t suddenly stop functioning because of a sagging. Since it has become a common fault among most of GPUs in the current and past few generations, GPU manufacturers themselves have come up with solutions like back plates to add strength and even out and distribute the weight.


You don’t really need to go out and buy any product exclusive product to treat your GPUs sagging to be honest. There are plenty of remedies you can achieve by just using common stuff lying around your house. You can use from a pencil to Legos if the sagging really bothers you. But many manufacturers have also introduced other solutions and you can pay to get the privilege of using an alternative option. There are parts like brackets, braces, stands and various 3rd party solutions to straighten up your GPU card.

Homemade remedies

Using a pen or other long object


The easiest way to quickly give some strength to your hanging graphics card is to just use a pencil or a similar shaped object to give a little extra force upwards. This method is the easiest and the simplest but there are some cons as well. You might fail to find a pencil of the proper height and you might even end up damaging some parts.



Another quick remedy is to grab some Legos or any type of other building blocks to build up a tower to support your graphics card. This method is more reliable comparing to the pencil because you can control its height as desired. Still this method also is not a very reliable option.

Using PCI Cables

PCI Cables
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You can also use PCI cables to flatten out the GPU card. Normally an extra power supply is required in these types of heavy-duty gaming GPUs. So, you can be innovative and try out using the PCI cables by making sure there’s enough tension on it. This method might look cost efficient but in reality, it’s actually very unsafe and not that cost efficient. You might end up breaking the cable or even worse, damaging the GPU.

Using String

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If you’re smart enough you might even consider tying the GPU to the top of the case via strings and actually it’s also surprisingly a very common remedy which has actually worked. Get a strong enough string and tie the whole GPU using a string making sure the string gets the tension it requires to hold up the GPU card. This can be a very decent way to Fix Graphics Card Sag as long as your tying skills are good!

Brackets, braces and backplates

PCI Bracket

These types of solutions are more expensive ones and is actually reliable and effective most of the time. You can always go for a case which comes with an extra PCI bracket and use it to eliminate any risk of the card bending. The bracket and the PCI cable can be used together in this scene to achieve the max effect.



Back plates are also a viable option and is a pretty common remedy people knowingly and unknowingly buy. This is the manufacturers’ solution to minimize sagging and don’t worry if you don’t have one because they are actually affordable and easy to buy. If you’re feeling fancy and handy at the same time, you can surely go for this option. You can basically find these on most of online stores and you can even customize one by adding a little RGB lighting and even a text or a logo! Back plates are a good option if you’re considering a solution and only cost around $70 – $90. Here are a few places that make back-plates: Cold Zero, V1Tech, Jm Mods. Disclaimer: We have not tested any of these sites before.

Using Braces – Best way to Fix Graphics Cards Sag

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Then comes probably the best option and the most reliable option of them all, braces. Just like a dentist prescribe braces for teeth, a computer technician or an expert would definitely recommend braces. Braces are basically rigid supporting structures made to even out the weight exerted on the GPU. Installing a brace on the side, screwing in with the GPU will help the GPU rest on it and help the card with its weight. When the card has a rigid support on the other side of the card the weight won’t be exerted on the PCB, causing a relief of the weight for the PCB resulting the card to not bend.

Braces are the easiest to install out of the paid solutions mentioned so far and the best part is that they are the cheapest too! GPU braces only costs so little as around $10 – $15 and is the best solution.


Sagging is not necessarily a disastrous occurring but is very common and most people don’t do anything about. If you really can’t stand the sagging and if it bothers you in some way, you can always throw in some cash and go for the solutions mentioned in this article or even try the homemade remedies. GPU braces are arguably the most efficient and effective and is pretty cheap so we’d recommend a brace over any of other more expensive stuff. Be sure to check our Best Graphics Cards reviews if you’re thinking of getting a new card.